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Lars & Sven Viking Trading Post

The Lars & Sven Viking Trading Post was started by and currently is still owned and run by  Lars and Sven. Lars is half Norwegian and half Swedish while Sven is half Swedish and half Norwegian. Here one can find unique apparel, jewelry, and other items that are of the highest quality. All were designed, made, bartered for, or approved by Lars, Sven, and Drakkar often with the aid of many beings from the 9 Norse Realms. They are only available via their trading post and in limited quantities.   Lars, Sven, and Drakkar (their Dragon) have chosen the Nordic House as a satellite post as they seek to use and or sell only the best products and ones that are consistent with a healthy Viking lifestyle minus the raids.

The main trading post is located on:

Bifrost Bridge Way

6th Annual Winternights Viking Festival Oct23rd!

THANK YOU - to all attendees & participants

We raised $307 for NNJ Veterans Memorial Cemetery

Tusen Takk /Tack! Have a 5 Hammer Day!

If you need something you do not see here – Please do not hesitate to ask