Disir – Viking Longship Project

Disir – Gokstad Replica

Viking Ship Final Assembly Oct 1st>14th

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There already is information on this on the 7th Winternights Festival FB page 2017 Winternights Festival Project A lot of prep work was done for the kick off meeting which was held on May21. Now that its underway we’ll continue updates on the project here as posts. This project may be opened up to crowdfunding and/or donations as allowed/feasible.

Viking Longship Disir – 08/18 Update

Another week gone by without logs being cut and delivered. This means completing the longship for this year is definitely out of the question. We will endeavor to put together a nice ship building display and educational instruction venue for 2017 Winternights Festival instead. If we do not get logs within next two weeks then that also will have to be severely tailored back. It also means we need to start looking for logs elsewhere to be cut down early next spring. 🙁

Viking Longship Disir – 08/14 Update

Due to monsoon rain last Mon and wedding the weekend following the delivery of oak logs has been delayed. The weather looks good for cutting and delivering them this week but now we are down to 8 weeks to complete all the tasks. As we’ve said in the past rushing to get it done isn’t as important as doing it right. Several of us in discussing it believe it may be better to start the process of preparing the keel, planks, stems and not try to finish it this year. Instead of having a completed ship for the festival we will have a Viking ship building area which shows all of the pieces, how they are made, demonstrations and talks on the process, and even perhaps let attendees work on a sample log. A viking ship building village area to go along with the rest of viking areas. We still will have a completed viking replica ship (faering) the Skogar Þrostur on display. We’ll see what happens and decide as we get into actually working on the logs. We’ll need time for prepping for this festival too hence our concern on trying to rush it.

Viking Longship Disir – 08/09 Update

Went and asked all three trees for acceptance of their becoming part of a viking longship to honor Vikings and the Disir (as well as them). Here are photos of the 3 trees and of our talking with one of them.

First of 3 Trees

Second of 3 Trees

Third of 3 Trees

Asking Trees Acceptance

Viking Longship Disir – 08/08 Update

The other two splitting hammers/mauls we ordered were shipped late yesterday. They had been on back order. Two Viking style broad axes also have been shipped. These are coming from Europe. Hopefully the third style broad axe, one we are having made, will be available soon too. All three of these will be on display along with being used in hewing our oak logs into planks.

Viking Style Broad Axe 01

Viking Style Broad Axe 02

Viking Longship Disir – 08/07 Update

Wool rope battening arrived today. It with the pine tar will be used to help as a seam sealer between the wood planking. Logs were due early this week but afraid the endless rain may delay that. The bark spud and bark draw knife arrived last week. A bunch of us are headed up to Mystic Seaport for a day to take the tour of “Drakken” the largest Viking style Longship built in modern times. Hope to get some pictures and look see in 3D lol of planking, nail heads, basic construction, etc. The ship is there for tours until Labor Day weekend.

Viking Longship Disir – 07/31 Update

First Hammer for splitting logs arrived today. Its exactly like what I was hoping it was. It is massive but light. A great hammer for swinging without totally tiring oneself out from the swing or not even being able to swing it because its too heavy for those of us with smaller builds (and arms LOL). Its a very hard wood and handle and supposedly will take a lot of abuse plus the wire rings help keep the head from splitting. Other two hammers are on 2 week back order.

Log Splitting Riving Hammer

Viking Lonship Disir – 07/28 Update

Just ordered wool roping/matting to use as sealer between the planks. It with the pine tar is what was used though they probably used various animal hairs depending on locale and what was available. Horse and reindeer come to mind as examples of horse rope/blankets have been found. Reindeer well again depending on locale may have been relatively prevalent? Finished a 3D design for a hewing broad axe that matches what we found in online resources. Sent it to blacksmith (JB Creations) to work on for us. This one is 1/4″ thick but will also ask for one 1/8>3/16 thick blade. Trying out 2 sizes for weight and ease of use just like we are doing with the mauls/sledge hammers.

Views of Hewing Axe

Viking Longship Disir – 07/24 Update

During our kickoff meeting and in the video we showed at it we acknowledged Thomas Finderup for his expertise on riving and viking ship construction. Indeed we had at least one photo of him showing how to get straight splitting of large oak logs. We recently contacted him for further information on techniques. He responded immediately including providing us a photo to help. We want to thank him for doing that and to subsequently acknowledge him for his guidance and continued help. Thank you!!!

Viking Longship Disir – 07/22 Update

We just ordered 3 sizes of wood mauls for splitting the oak. They all have 3′ handles but the head sizes and weights are different to accommodate the size and strength differences of people. If you use a lighter sledge but can swing it it easily it hits with great impact versus not being able to swing at full speed a heavier one. They all have wood heads so as to not damage the log if one misses plus it helps absorb the kickback to you when it strikes the wedge

Viking Longship Disir – 07/19 Update

Headed out tomorrow at 8am to look at trees before they are cut. This to prevent cutting down trees that might not work for us. AND! To talk to the trees about what we are doing, why we need them, who we will be honoring (including them), and how they will become part of something bigger than all of us, but that we are all part of.