2016 Festival Activities

2016 WinterNights Festival Activities*

*This is the proposed venue for this year. Activities & times may change prior to event

Opening Ceremonies:

  • 11:30 > Troll Bridge Opens – pay our trolls & cross their bridge to festival
  • 11:45 > Welcome & Opening Festival Chant – ceremonial opening honoring Vikings, Winternights, and our ancestors (Viking Culture Exhibit Area 2b)
  • 11:55 > – Unveiling of Yggdrasil – brief intro to & unveiling of Yggdrasil mural (Viking Culture Exhibit Area 2b)
  • *4:00 – *not an opening ceremony – give away for a children’s book on Vikings (Adults sign up for). Other give-aways possible.

Musical Performances (primary stage area):

  • 12:00 to 1:30 > Nordic/Celtic band  – Old Norse & Celtic genre of music
  • 2:00 to 3:00 > Kellianna – singing songs of myth & magic, sacred places, & ancient times

Runes 101 (Viking Culture Exhibit Area 1)

  • Rune Wall – an 8’wide by 4’high wall showing all the Elder Futhark runes
  • Runestone Trilogy – 3 onsite runestones each with informational signs about them and the runes on them. Each stone contains an Aett of Runes (stones are around grounds forming a triangle S, W, & E points)
  • 12:00 to ? > Introduction to Elder Futhark – a ‘break the ice’ brief introduction & basic discussion of the runes by Xander – Svinfylkin Tribe Godhi (spiritual leader)
  • 1:00 to ? > Advanced Furthark – deeper explanation of meaning of the runes by Fjalar Aubill (member of Svinfylkin Tribe) including demonstration of how to work with runes & hands-on-crafts workshop

Enlightenment (Viking Culture Exhibit Area 2b)

  • 12:30 to 12:45 > The Yggdrasil Mural – an explanation of the 9 realms and why/how they are depicted on the mural presented by Nordic House
  • 1:30 to 1:45 > Its not Satanism – Sorry there is no Satan in Pagan/Heathen/Wiccan presented by Nordic House
  • 1:45 to ? > Heathenry in today’s World – Michael, the Chieftain of the Svinfylkin Tribe, will speak about what is Heathenry and what it’s like being a part of a tribe, as well as what that actually means in today’s world.
  • 12:00 to ? > Blacksmithing (Viking Culture Exhibit Area 2a) – In addition to working with wood there was need for blacksmiths. See & Learn about this craft from Joe (member of the Svinfylkin tribe)
  • Viking Pictures & Words – At various locations there will be pictures, books, videos(?), and text about the Vikings and their culture (also in vendor longhouse & around grounds)
  • Odds & Ends – Feel free to participate in respectful Q & A at any time during the day from any of the educators, vendors, performers, volunteer staff

All Day Games & Fun Activities

  • Tina’s Creations – get your tattoo (glitter) or your face painted & more (in vendor longhouse)
  • Kubb – Viking Lawn Chess (tournament if warranted)
  • Hnefatafl – Viking Table Chess (board game)
  • Build a Viking Longboat – build your own longboat and decorate it
  • Build a Viking Shield – build your own cardboard shield and decorate it
  • Mini Swords & Shields – stop by the Svinfylkin Tribe area (in Viking Culture Exhibit Area 1/2a) to get your mini-Viking a painted mini wood sword &/or shield