2017 – 7th Annual WNF

7th Annual Winternights Festival Oct 22nd 2017

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Build a Viking Longship Project

Each year we work on adding something new to the grounds that honors our Viking ancestors in a way that is informative, educational, and respectful. We usually unveil it at our Winternights Festival in October. This year’s project will do that in a way and on a scale we believe Odin and the Norns will approve of.

It is our intention to build a replica Viking longboat modeled after the style and dimensions of the Gokstad. Not an exact replica but a ship that shows the construction principals and techniques that Vikings used. It will be scaled down by 1/2 which still ends up being almost 40′ long and 8′ wide. Follow along on our project page http://www.winternightsfestival.com/drakkar-longship-project/ or better yet join or donate or both . This is also consistent with our working towards being a museum/cultural center.

* Would like to thank Jan Bill, professor & curator of the Viking Ship Collection, at Oslo Universitet for responding immediately with helpful info along with wishing us well on the reconstruct. During our kickoff meeting and in the video we showed at it we acknowledged Thomas Finderup for his expertise on riving and viking ship construction. We recently contacted him for further information on techniques. He responded immediately including providing us a photo to help. We want to thank him for doing that and to subsequently acknowledge him for his guidance and continued help. Thank you!!!

2016 WNF raised $307 for NNJ Veterans Memorial Cemetery

Thank you to everyone that attended this event. I was busy so not able to really notice but others said it seemed like a good turn out. Thanks to those that donated extra for the Veterans. Thank you to all the great vendors, educators, participants, performers, et ALL. I heard a lot of nice feed back during the event about the quality of vendors we had and the craftsmanship of them. Thanks to the hard working volunteers some which prefer not to have their name on FB etc. Safe journey and a long one 🙂

As in past years this event raised money for the Northern NJ Veterans Cemetery

$2 of the $3 Troll Bridge Crossing fee went to them – some donated more 🙂

Hail Facebook – Hail Vetrnaetr on it!

THANK YOU from 2016 Event!